Treatment Placement

We have had years of experience in learning which programs are the most ethical and clinically sound in the country. With this knowledge, we help guide families in making the right choice when selecting the best options for treatment whether the need is in-patient residential or outpatient. There are over 2,000 addiction treatment programs throughout the U.S. With our knowledge and years of experience, we help guide families in selecting the program/s that will be the best fit for their loved one.

Sober Transport

We believe that it is important to have your loved one accompanied on the way to treatment. Whether flying or driving, the sense of comfort of having your loved one accompanied by one of our team makes the process easier as well as insures that they won’t have the opportunity to take a detour along the way. Our transport team is made up of alcoholics and addicts in recovery who have a minimum of 10 years clean and sober, ensuring that your loved one will be in very good hands.

Recovery Management & Monitoring

It is known that recovery truly begins when the primary treatment program is completed. Navigating life on an everyday basis for someone new in recovery, can be pretty overwhelming and old triggers can lead to relapse. We believe that the first year, post primary treatment, is the absolute key to maintaining long term and lifelong recovery, so we provide resources that will help during this very important time.