"Jack brought our family together at a critical time when we were at the end of our ropes - out of options. His care, love, concern, and knowledge of addiction treatment therapy, Treatment IOPs, and top quality inpatient centers around the nation was a much needed guiding light. Though we remain on our journey to full recovery - we feel he was there - is there - and always will be there - for us in time of need. We now consider him a dear family friend."

Jim and Jamie Coral Springs, FL.


"I want to say how thankful I am to you for your help these past few months. The advice you gave me pre-intervention, and the intervention itself, was so key to helping get my husband on the right track. We all know he has more work to do (we all do!) but we are all feeling very positive about where things stand right now. You helped us get him to in-patient treatment, where he has built an amazing foundation of skills. And he now has a network of helpers there, and in Naples, that will continue to support him."

Janet - Naples, FL.


"If you are looking for a team of professional, courteous, knowledgeable, emphatic, funny people to aide your loved one in seeking recovery than you've found them. Jack and Rachel were a God send and were able, as outsiders, to convince my brother to seek treatment in a short couple of hours and then provided support to us as a family as he journeyed on his path to recovery. We feel like a  closer family unit as a result and even healed some wounds caused by his illness by talking together weekly. Thanks for all that you do!"

Erica - West Palm Beach, FL.


"Jack gave us a better understanding of the disease. He used weekly meetings to align the family and he encouraged us when things did not go as planned. It was very helpful to be able to run ideas past him and use his insight and experience."

A.L. - Coral Springs, FL.


"After going through a lot of rehab facilities with our daughter and feeling left out of the loop about her health, we were suggested to hire an interventionist and were recommended to contact Rachel. She has been more than amazing to us. From the first crisis which occurred almost immediately and throughout the whole process, we've never been better informed, advised and pushed forward. We needed an outside voice to make us think clearly and Rachel has been an incredible influence on us. From intervention to case management and resources, she has provided everything we could have asked for. She has kept us grounded during very difficult times. She is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate, is always on top of everything no matter the time of the day. We are extremely happy to have found Rachel and have her in our lives."

Natalio - Hollywood, FL


"For anyone who is in need of utilizing the intervention process for a friend, family member, etc. I would personally highly recommend Jack Bloomfield to assist you and all parties involved. I have known Jack for many years and he, through his efforts, was able to assist my family through the process of intervention for my brother who was duel diagnosed with alcoholism and bi-polar and was suffering for over 20 years without agreeing to get help. After several failed attempts to get my brother help through law enforcement, Baker Acts etc. Jack and his unique techniques was able to get my brother to amiably agree to get the right help. In the process Jack was able to also help our dysfunctional family unit as a whole to heal together and to give my brother the proper support and guidance he needed through the intervention process. In addition Jack was able to steer us to the proper resources including treatment centers, therapists, and post care which was extremely helpful to the process for a variety of reasons."

Randy  - Fort Myers, FL.


"Your reminding the Network and our family that our son is a good person with a bad illness was greatly appreciated.  There really seems to be something to this ARISE approach.  The notion of the "invitation to join in the intervention" is a refreshing and loving way to go about helping the sick person to join in his own journey towards health. The Network approach with love and care seems to be so much better than the ambush method. While the program you use has been proven to have excellent results, I just want to conclude in saying that in our case, I think it was your sincere kind and loving demeanor that enabled the program to work for us.  Thank you."

Chris  - Winter Park, FL.


"Every part of the process was explained in a manner that we could understand. The communication between Jack and our family was exceptional and he was always available for questions and suggestions. We are forever grateful to Jack. We would not have come this far without his knowledge, support, guidance and friendship."

Cheryl   - Coral Springs, FL.


"Jack is insightful, kind, and sensitive. To often in life we become angry when others in a family do not conform. With Jack, we can learn again and again that unconditional love is to love in spite of imperfections and mistakes. I am reminded of a quote from Mother Teresa...

"Let us more and more insist on raising funds of love, of kindness, of understanding, of peace."

Jack embodies these qualities and gently weaves them into his work."

Michael  - Lighthouse Point, FL.


"At a time when I was overwhelmed with my son's relapse and couldn't imagine how I would go about sourcing and evaluating treatment options, Jack consulted with me and gave me confidence that he had the relationships, experience and knowledge to guide me. He also had a proven method for creating a plan and contract with my son for his recovery. I felt like a drowning man who had been thrown a life preserver, and no longer felt so alone in the process."

Kim  - Parkland, FL.


"Jack possesses the traits of honesty and integrity and he has outstanding insight into the needs of his clients."

Howard and Barbara - Boca Raton, FL.


"I am so thankful to Rachel for not only her help in getting my nephew to rehab, but the time she spent and continues to spend with our entire family. Rachel’s support and experience was so very helpful during this emotional, chaotic time. Knowing we were and are not alone on this roller coaster of a journey has been invaluable.  Rachel really cares and that is very comforting."

Debbie – Fort Lauderdale, FL.


"By helping our son as well as our other family members, Jack has helped to heal our entire family.  Jack has a strong and reassuring way about him, and has gained over the years tremendous experience dealing with these problems. If your family has problems with drugs or alcohol and is in need of help, you cannot do better than to give Jack a call. He will know what to do next."

Nancy and Robert - Boca Raton, FL.


“It's been quite some time since we ended our continuing care calls. I am writing to let you how much I appreciate your help during one of the lowest points of my life. I want you to know that I have deep, heartfelt appreciation for your help and I hope one day to be able to pay it forward and help others as you have helped me. Thank you again, Jack.”

Lauri  – Fort Lauderdale, FL.


"Jack has made himself readily available for all necessary conversations and has helped to guide us toward a healthy life of recovery that is life-long. We cannot thank you enough for helping us discover a healthy family system that we now know we can achieve together."

Ashley - Melbourne, FL.


"Thanks for everything you have done for our family!! You've helped us grow in ourselves and as a family."

Hannah - Sarasota, FL.


"The thing we appreciate most is your guidance throughout this whole very difficult process. We have always felt comfortable throughout the six-month process of our association together that not only did you always have our best interest at heart in helping us but also you also have our son's best interest at heart. You are a very kind and empathetic soul. You helped us work together to hopefully have our son embrace the concept of beating his addiction to Opiates. From day one you've always said this is a process that doesn't get solved overnight. We are constantly reminded of this on a daily basis. We have always felt that you are a calming and kind presence in a very stressful situation."

Howard and Wendy - Coral Springs, FL.


"Jack's accessibility throughout made us feel very secure in the process. We would say that any family having to go through this would be in great hands with Jack guiding the process."

Angelo and Denise - Ft. Lauderdale, FL.


"Jack expertly and calmly guided our family to deal with a major crisis that was taking a big toll on everyone close to the "addict". He included every family member to become part of the program, with specific assignments tailored to each person to assure that everyone would be involved, understand and eventually benefit from the healing and recovery process. Without Jack's expertise and guidance we would still be stressed by constant crisis conditions, whereas now we have regained some peace. We have learned some tools to handle future challenges. Thank you, Jack!"

Dominick and Meike - Ft. Lauderdale, FL.


"Our son needed help. Once we recognized that, we found Jack who introduced us to ARISE. The process brought hope, help and healing to our family and for that, we will always be indebted to Jack and ARISE. We are still on the road to recovery and wellness, we have not arrived at our destination yet. But with ARISE, we now have a roadmap and a compass. Thank you Jack for all you have done for us."

David and Susana - Hollywood, FL.


"Dear Tara, I am truly at a loss on this. I — and I suspect we — will miss you. Enormously. You have made a huge difference. You’ve brought a family together in a totally different way. A healthy way. A good way.
We all gained. And I hope we can continue on the path that you helped sketch out for us. Thank you very much for giving us some additional guideposts. My gut instinct is that we will need them.
But seriously, Tara… Thank you. I can’t say more than that."

Peter - Boca Raton, FL.


Testimonials from Professionals

"Jack has incredible integrity, maintains frequent contact with all his sources, and nurtures the programs and people involved finding options that continually improve the level of care for the clients that we serve. He is unparalleled in his ability to connect people with special needs to the right program and is always looking for new and better ways to provide help to others. In addition, If Jack recommends a program, it is because the facility and people involved have met his rigorous standards."

Judy M. - Fort Lauderdale FL.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


"As a professional that understands the complexities of addiction, it was refreshing to see Jack’s approach to interventions.  He helps the person struggling with addiction to keep some semblance of dignity in such an emotional situation, while educating the family on the journey to come. Jack’s approach proves to be invaluable.  I believe the full experience of Jack’s work is the continuing care he offers the family while their loved ones are in treatment.  The family will need continued support and Jack works with the family system from the beginning stages of intervention onwards.  Lastly, Jack proved to be instrumental in collaborating with the addiction treatment team to ensure the best possible outcome for patient and family."

Secquay G. – Boca Raton, FL. Ph.D., LMFT - Caron Ocean Drive


"Jack and his team are the most professional and organized interventionists I've every worked with. They provide comprehensive client background, family background, and expectations of treatment experience. They are also understanding that we are working with humans that are struggling and the plan doesn't always go smoothly. The "A Design for Living" team set high expectations of their partners yet flexible and understanding."

Travis H. - Asheville, N.C. Pyramid Healthcare


"I have known Jack for over a decade and found his professionalism and compassion extraordinary and unique in the field.  He takes the time to listen and gather relevant information in order to customize their approach and techniques to ensure it's individualized as opposed to cookie cutter. His personalized support Is a key factor and the fact that he truly cares is evident with all of the clients he has worked with. Thank you, Jack, for giving people hope"

Stephanie C. - Pembroke Pines, FL. LMHC, MCAP


“Jack is very genuine and professional and has always been willing to assist me when I have needed resources for my clients.”

Ray E. - Miami, FL.
Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Addictions Professional


"Rachel Borkon has been an incredible collaborator.  She partnered with our treatment team in such a cohesive way that it was like adding a staff member with those patients and families care!  We know Rachel is going to work as hard as we do.  Rachel is also very approachable, makes herself available for ongoing clinical collaboration, develops rapport with families and patients, is honest and direct, and maintains the highest level of professional integrity. She is an excellent communicator and facilitator.  Our patients and our staff appreciate it when Rachel is attached to a case!"

Ryan H – Boca Raton, FL. Executive Director and CAP


“Jack is a consummate professional and a great asset to our profession and the treatment community.”

Dr. Terry G. - North Palm Beach, FL.
Ph.D. Psychologist


“To truly collaborate with like minded professionals with a shared mission of helping a family system heal is a beautiful, yet rare, experience.  I can say that - consistently - this has been my experience in working with Rachel Borkon. The passion, insight, and support she offers to both families and professionals is exceptional.”

Liz DBoca Raton, FL. Clinical Outreach


“Jack has integrity and sincerity that appeals to seasoned professionals.”

Dr. Wendy C. – St. Petersburg, FL.
Ph.D. Psychologist


"Jack presented the ARISE model of intervention at a group meeting of my professional colleagues. I was beyond surprised and excited as I feel THIS is the way that we as a profession should be helping people heal through addictions.  Addiction is not an individual issue.  It is a family, community and system issue, one that should be treated with integrity, respect, kindness, love, accountability and commitment.  The ARISE model is like no other and it encompasses all these aspects.  I applaud Jack for working with people and families in this fashion as it creates a conversation around addiction where everyone is committed to the solution.  Thanks again Jack for sharing ARISE with us!"

Katie L. - Coral Springs, FL.
Licensed Marraige and Family Therapist


Jack carries my highest recommendation, with complete confidence in his ability to successfully assist the entire family through one’s recovery process. He is the only qualified interventionist I trust to help my clients. His understanding, empathy, and compassion, are a guiding force, beginning right at the first phone call.  Jack has extensive knowledge of treatment and recovery. He has long standing professional relationships with exceptional treatment centers throughout the entire country. Jack has a remarkable ability to successfully match any client to a treatment center that would best suit his or her needs. Not only can he effectively facilitate an intervention and guide clients through treatment, he also effortlessly coordinates care with all parties involved. With over 20 years in my career as a psychotherapist and addiction counselor, I fully recommend Jack without reservation!

Chris C. - Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Addiction Professional